ISSI-BJ Workshop on “Exploring the Jovian satellite system: from formation to habitability” successfully held on 03-07 June 2024

On June 03–07, 2024, the ISSI-BJ Workshop on “Exploring the Jovian Satellite System: from Formation to Habitability” was held successfully. About 70 leading scientists from different institutes took part, which was convened by Michel Blanc (Research Institute in Astrophysics and Planetology, France; National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Scott Bolton (Southwest Research Institute, USA), Min Ding (Southern University of Science and Technology, China), Jihua Hao (University of Science and Technology of China, China), Jianghui Ji (Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Tomoki Kimura (Tokyo University of Science, Japan), Valery Lainey (Institute for Celestial Mechanics and Computation of Ephemerides,

France), Lei Li (National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China), Francis Nimmo (University of California, Santa Cruz, USA), Olga Prieto Ballesteros (National Institute of Aerospace Technology, Center for Astrobiology, Spain), Federico Tosi (Institute of Space Astrophysics and Planetology, Italy), Christophe Sotin (Laboratory of Planetology and Geosciences, France), and Tim Van Hoolst (Royal Observatory of Belgium, Belgium).

The main aim of the Workshop was to identify the key science drivers for future space missions to the Jupiter system. The meeting was divided into 8 sessions: Assembling the Puzzle of the Jupiter System; Internal Structure and Dynamics of the Galilean Satellites; Geology and Surface Properties of the Galilean Satellites; Tidal/Gravitational Interactions and Orbital Evolution; Jupiter–Moon–Magnetosphere Electrodynamic Interactions; Origin and Early Evolution of the Jovian Satellites; Early Career Scientists Contributions (Special Session); From Planned Missions to Open Questions and New Initiatives.

As scientific output, a new volume of the Space Science Series of ISSI will be composed, featuring the content of this Workshop, for distribution to the science community and space science institutions.

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