Infinite Horizons: May. 22nd “Introduction to GrainCams for Lunar Surface Exploration Mission”

Speaker: Prof. Minsup Jeong (Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
May. 22nd, 2024
4pm, Beijing time
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We have the pleasure to host the next Infinite Horizons' seminar on May 22nd, 2024. Our host will be Prof. Minsup Jeong from the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute, and moderated by Prof. Sungsoo Kim, from the Korean Astronomy and Space Sciece Institute. Prof. Jeong will talk about Introduction to GrainCams for Lunar Surface Exploration Mission.
Seminar's abstract:
GrainCams is designed to analyze the uppermost layers of regolith and airborne dust particles on the Moon's surface. This science instrument will be deployed using a lunar rover and consists of two cameras: the Surface Camera (SurfCam) and the Levitating Dust Camera (LevCam). SurfCam's primary role is to capture three-dimensional images of the regolith's microscopic structure, while LevCam focuses on the floating dust grains. The peculiar microstructure of lunar regolith, often referred to as a 'fairy castle structure', plays a critical role in determining its properties, including light scattering and thermal emission, yet it is not well known. SurfCam will observe the top few millimeters of regolith at various sites near the landing area, revealing the intricate forms of the fairy castle structure and enhancing our understanding of the photometric and thermal properties of airless celestial bodies. SurfCam operates as a x3 microscope with a 30 mm aperture and achieves a resolution finer than 12 μm, utilizing a grid of 409 × 341 micro lenses. LevCam, on the other hand, is tasked with tracking the trajectories and velocities of dust particles approximately 1 μm in size that lofted or levitated about 10 cm above the lunar surface. This will shed light on the density of these dust particles and the strength of lunar surface electric fields. LevCam features a 70 mm aperture and operates at a focal distance of about 0.5 meter. Overall, the GrainCams is expected to significantly enhance our understanding of the Moon's electrostatic environment.
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(Our Infinite Horizons seminars are usually host on the third Wednesday of the month)

About the speaker: 

Prof. Minsup Jeong is a senior researcher at the Korean Astronomy and Space Science Institute since 2019, after he finished his post doctoral program, that started in 2017. Among his many professional fascinations, his main research instrests are Planetary Science, Lunar Science, Asteroid Science and Space Weathering in Airless Bodies in the Solar System. Professor Jeong has published more than ten articles in different SCI(E)journals, and is affiliated with the American Astronomical Society, the Korean Astronomical Society, as well as the Korean Space Science Society.

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