Infinite Horizons: Dec. 13th “The local NewSpace ecosystem - Does Hong Kong and indeed China have the right stuff?”

Speaker: Prof. Quentin Parker (University of Hong Kong)
Dec. 13th, 2023
4pm, Beijing time
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We have the pleasure to host the next Infinite Horizons’ seminar on December 13th, 2023 4pm (Beijing time). Our host will be Prof. Quentin Parker from the Hong Kong University. Professor Parker will talk about The local NewSpace ecosystem.
Seminar's abstract:
The globally emerging NewSpace economy could be worth 1 trillion USD by decades end according to the Bank Morgan Stanley. How is China faring in this burgeoning ecosystem and what role could HK SAR play within the one country two systems structures? These issues are explored and discussed including from the context of STEM education and identifying talents and the opportunity to leverage off Hong Kong's innate strengths in fintech, regulatory and compliance infrastructure and IPO expertise.
Meeting ID: 833 304 56066
(Our Infinite Horizons seminars are usually host on the third Wednesday of the month)
About the speaker:
Quentin Parker joined the University of Hong Kong in 2015 as Head of Physics. In 2017 he became Associate Dean (Global) FoS and Director of the LSR ( Prior he worked at the Royal Observatory Edinburgh (1986-1992), Anglo-Australian observatory (1992-1999), University of Edinburgh (1999-2002) and with the AAO and Macquarie University (2002-2015) where he was director of the MQ research center in Astronomy, Astrophysics and Astrophotonics. Research is mainly associated with Wide Field Astronomy, Galactic Archaeology and Planetary Nebulae where he has discovered more than anyone in history. He has extensive experience as an instrumentalist with multi-object fibre-optic spectrographs and narrow-band filters.  
He has 586 papers of which 302 are refereed and 21,000 citations with an h-index of 68. and honours students to successful completion and is always keen to attract students. Quentin also has a long-term interest in Chinese Bronze artifacts and cultural heritage, interdisciplinary studies and science pedagogy and is a regular opinion contributor to the South China Morning Post and China Daily.

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