Dec. 21 Dr. Yudi ZHOU: Lidar in the study of marine systems

Speaker: Dr. Yudi ZHOU
Zhejiang University
Dec. 21, 2022
4:00 pm GMT +8

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Measuring the three-dimensional distribution of seawater optical properties is of major significance to studies of marine ecosystems and biogeochemistry, where traditional ocean color remote sensing cannot vertically resolve measurements. Lidar techniques present a distinctive ability to resolve vertical structure of optical properties within the upper water column at both day- and night-time. However, accuracy challenges remain for existing lidar instruments due to the ill-posed nature of elastic backscatter lidar retrievals, multiple scattering and other system imperfection etc. Besides, the applications of oceanic lidar data are hampered by the gap between the lidar data and ocean science demands. Here we demonstrate the advanced lidar techniques to rigorously address the accuracy challenges, including the developed shipborne oceanic high-spectral-resolution lidar, polarized-fluorescence-Raman lidar and multiple scattering correction algorithm, etc. Furthermore, we investigate the lidar applications in the marine system, containing vertical profiles from open ocean waters to moderate turbid waters, diel vertical distribution of thin layers at a fixed station within the coastal China Sea, and the characteristics and formation conditions of thin phytoplankton layers in the northern Gulf of Mexico. The future development directions of oceanic lidar are then discussed. Oceanic lidars with high performance are expected to be of paramount importance for the construction and exploration of ocean ecosystem.

About the Speaker

Dr. ZHOU Yudi got his bachelor and PhD degrees both from College of Optical Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University within the group of Prof. LIU Dong in 2015 and 2020, respectively. Then since July 2020, he became an assistant researcher at Ningbo Research Institute, Zhejiang University and works in the same group. His research interests focus on shipborne, airborne and spaceborne oceanic lidar, including aspects of theory, system and algorithm, especially contributing to the first shipborne oceanic high-spectral-resolution lidar. He devotes to employing the lidar data in the study of marine science, such as carbon cycle, primary production, algae bloom etc. He is the first or corresponding author of about 9 scientific papers in Light: Sicence & Application, Optics Express, Remote Sensing etc., and holds more than 3 patents. He is now an early-career scientist in International cooperation Team of ISSI-ISSI Beijing Team Toward a 3-D Observation of the Ocean Color: Benefit of Lidar Technique.


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